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Castrol Activ 20W-40 4T

RM 22.00


A motorcycle engine is at risk of damage when it's warming up, running normally and even when turned off. There are over 10 million instances per month where a motorcycle-engine could be damaged. 

New Castrol Activ 4T 20W-40 has improved Actibond™ molecules that cling firmly to the engine to provide Continuous Protection through all stages of the ride, and beyond: Start up, Running and Stop. 


Castrol Activ 4T 20W-40 is suitable for all 4-Stroke motorcycle engines where API SL (and below) and or JASO MA-2 and MA specifications are recommended. 


Castrol Activ 4T 20W-40 contains Actibond™ molecules that firmly cling to engine parts and: 

          Provide 75% better wear protection** during start-up 

          Fight deposits and provide superior engine cleanliness during running 

          Provide excellent corrosion protection, even when the engine is off 

New Castrol Activ 4T 20W-40 delivers 50% better protection*