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Castrol Power 1 Cruise 15W-50 4T

RM 36.00


Castrol POWER1 CRUISE 4T with Power Sustain Technology™ is designed specifically for bikers who love cruising. 

Big bikes can get sluggish because of heat and friction, which can rob the engine of power. 

New Castrol POWER1 CRUISE 4T with Power Sustain Technology™ manages heat and friction in big bikes, ensuring continuous power delivery and provides on-demand acceleration. 


Castrol POWER1 CRUISE 4T is designed to manage heat & friction to provide sustained power delivery and on-demand acceleration. 

It is suitable for all 4-stroke motorcycle engines, both carburetor and fuel injected where API SN (or below) and JASO MA or MA2 are recommended. 

When choosing oil, please refer to your owner’s handbook and the product specifications shown below. May also be suitable for other bikes. 


Manages heat and friction in the engine, to ensure continuous power delivery and gives ondemand acceleration. It is specially formulated to suit long riding conditions. 

New POWER1 CRUISE 4T resists oil thickening caused by high temperatures 

New POWER1 CRUISE 4T maintains your bikes performance during long rides. 

Complies with requirements of catalyst equipped engines